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Ageing Seminars 2023-2024

12 Out 202311:00
06 Dez 202411:00
Auditorium 2, Student Hub, FMUC building, Coimbra
Conferências e Congressos

We are pleased to invite you to the Ageing Seminars 2023-2024 series, organized by MIA-Portugal. These seminars are designed for students, researchers and group leaders eager to explore cutting-edge research on cellular and systemic ageing conducted at leading research centers worldwide. The series explores various facets of aging, such as epigenetic changes in hematopoietic stem cells, system-level approaches to aging complexity, and the roles of Gla proteins in aging-related mineralization. It also delves into understanding genetic factors contributing to human longevity using computational and molecular techniques and investigates NMDA receptor function in aging.

The seminars are scheduled to be held monthly, starting in October 2023 and concluding in December 2024. As the date of each seminar approaches, more information will be provided.

No registration is required.

We are looking forward for your attendance and engaging discussions on ageing.